Unique Valentine's Ideas

Store bought cards, roses, a box of chocolates, and dinners. Sound familiar? That's because it probably is. Come Valentine's Day, you already know what you're going to get or give, same old, same old year after year. What happened to the sweet surprises they used to give in the first stages of your relationship you ask? It's on the back burner, most of us are in our comfort zones, and those with kids just have a harder time to incorporate romance back into their lives. Let's face it, who doesn't like a little romance or creativity? Whether it's just a night for the two of you, or maybe a nice Valentine family gathering, you don't need to be rich to have some quality time together. I'm going to help you get that back.

Spice up the love in the kitchen! This can work either for a couple or as a family, and it doesn't have to be dinner you can work around what best fits your schedule. I prefer it as a couple. If you have kids, plan for a relative or caregiver to take care of them in order to enjoy your time together. Think of each other's favourite food, or maybe a sentimental dish the two of you had together such as what you ate on your first date. Instead of going out for dinner, or take-in, make dinner together. Have a few glasses of wine turn on the stove and start sizzlin'! Nothing beats a home cooked meal, especially if it has been cooked with love. After dinner, share dessert and tidy up. When was the last time you did the dishes together? One washes, one dries. Have fun with it and just enjoy each other's company. Plus, you're getting a lot done for having a romantic night together. Spend the rest of the night alone. Cuddle up and watch an old movie, play board games, or just sit and talk and appreciate being one. This allows you to catch up, and help you remember why the two of you are together. Being at home saves money, and who doesn't like to save?! The important thing is you spent it with each other, just remember, no talk of the kids concentrate on yourselves.

Kids need some time too! Planning activities for the little muchkins is fun and simple. Most importantly, your kids will love being able to do valentines with mommy and daddy instead of just "mommy and daddy". Start the day by giving everyone in the family one shape of either a lip or heart, that way everyone starts with something. Lips represent kisses, and hearts represent hugs. Create a chart and assign one row or column to each member of the family. Each time someone in the family says 'I love you' to someone else (sincerely) that will earn them one lip. Any other sincere gestures are worth a heart. For example, your eldest child has helped his/her little sibling by putting on their socks and shoes. Keep track of everything by placing the corresponding shape with the person's name. Whilst playing this game, plan for some cupcake or cookie baking together. Baking is a great way for kids to interact. This also gives the family the opportunity to catch up with one another and just talk. Allow them to crack the eggs, stir, or pour the batter into the pans. Whatever your child can handle according to age. Let them do all the decorating, that's the fun part! During the baking, have everyone do crafts. Put everyone's name in a hat/bowl, and let everyone pick a name. Whoever's name they chose is whom they have to make a Valentines card for! Get creative! Construction paper, glitter, ribbons, buttons, cars, ties, anything is possible. At the end of the day, total up the scores. However many lips and hearts each person earned is the amount of hugs and kisses they get from everyone! Follow this by having the goodies that were baked, and exchange cards!

This is another one for the hopeless romantic; plan for the kids to be away and make sure your spouse is gone too. This is a great Valentines surprise and especially after a long day of work, you'll score big points! Set candles everywhere to set the mood.

Prepare the bath with chamomile and lavender scented bubbles, as this is very relaxing. Throw in a few rose petals to top it off. Have some wine ready, shavers, and shaving cream! When your loved one arrives, they'll come home to a nice relaxing environment. Have a bite to eat then enjoy the warm bath, and you do the shaving for one another. Shave or wax her legs, and shave his moustache. Shaving each other is a kind of trust activity. Let the rest of the night go with the flow!

Don't think that I've forgotten about the lonesome. Valentines isn't always about being with someone special. This time of the year gives you more of a reason to celebrate. Ladies, call up some girlfriends who are in the same boat and treat yourselves to a day at the spa. After, have some margaritas at your house with desserts and karaoke! Guys do the same thing, invite the boys' over, and have a few beers. Watch the game or play poker. Don't want company? Any of what I've just mentioned is do-able alone too.

There you have it, no more store bought cards, chocolate, and restaurant dinners. Don't let this stop you here though. Be unique and think up some more ideas for any special day! Although, I hope that these ideas have given you more options as to what to do come Valentines Day.

I'll accept your thank-you now for later. Have Fun!

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