5 Budget Gift Ideas For A Memorable Valentine's

Many people love to say that Valentine's Day is becoming too commercial, and claim that it is just another way for card and gift shops to make money. Personally, I feel it is lovely to have just one day out of 365 where people in love are reminded to celebrate one another and the special relationship they have. After all, I think it can get to the point where we begin to take each other for granted.

There are so many little things that can make someone's Valentine's Day. You don't have to spend a fortune on Valentines gifts, even if you have the money. It's more about the token of love and the thought that has gone into it, that makes a gift truly appreciated. The fact you can do so much, even if you have no money is what's so beautiful about Valentine's Day.

So here are a few gift ideas to inspire you to make Valentine's Day a special one.

Making an effort

For starters, the simple idea of a Valentine's Day card is always guaranteed to bring a smile to your partners face on Valentine's Day morning. It needn't be big or flashy, it doesn't even have to be shop bought. What can make a token of affection into something truly special is making it unique. Why not make the card yourself? Just some coloured card, a pen and a little imagination is all it takes. It could be as simple as a drawing of a heart with both your name inside, or maybe glueing a favourite picture of the two of you onto it, which can then be framed for posterity.

If you find you don't have time to make your own card, why not try and compose a little poem or message during your commute to work, or during lunch, which you can write inside your shop bought one. The gift idea is the same - it just needs a little thought and effort.

Cook a romantic meal for 2

Can't afford a meal out in a fancy restaurant? Then why not treat your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife to a night off and cook a meal for them instead? It can be just as romantic as a restaurant meal - if not more so. Think of your partners favourite foods and drink and spend a few hours preparing a delicious meal. Think delicious, sexy food such as oysters or scallops for starters, a creamy pasta dish for main and chocolate or strawberries for pudding. Top it off with a bottle of bubbly, flowers on the table and a lit candle in a bottle and bob's your uncle. Even if the meal doesn't come out perfect, the fact you put so much thought into the gesture will make all the difference. It's an ideal way to celebrate if you cannot get a babysitter either.

Enjoy a night in and be pampered

This year, Valentine's Day happens to be on a Thursday - a very unromantic weekday. Many people will be at work during the day and it can be hard to find time for one another. With our busy lifestyle, it can be hard to get a chance to spend quality time together, just the two of you. So instead of thinking about making a day of it, how about making a night of it? Get prepared to enjoy a magical Valentine's night together. After a hard day at work, what better than a luxurious soak in a hot bubble bath? Light a few candles or get some floating spa lights, some soft music to relax too and help get you in the mood for a nice bathe together. Massage each others aching spots with some perfumed oil, whisper sweet nothings to one another and enjoy your time together.

I.O.U. tokens

A simple but effective idea that works a treat and costs you nothing at all. Simply write an I.O.U on a piece of paper or card offering to do something for your partner at anytime. It could be as romantic, sexy or simple as you like. Some examples are: I.O.U 1 massage, I.O.U the next choice what we watch on TV or I.O.U a washing up session. Alternatively you could suggest a night out for example I.O.U a visit to the cinema. This something cheap and cheerful, but it'll take you back to the days when you first started dating and holding hands. The only limitation with this Valentine gift idea is your imagination!

Games for two

Spending time together is crucial to your relationship together, and that is why I think Valentine's Day is an opportunity to bring couples closer together. How often do we get to spend time and do little things like play games or spend 2 hours exploring each others bodies and indulging in our pleasure zones. You can make up your own game, massage one another or get an adult game such as Nookii which costs under £25. The great thing is this game doesn't just last for the night, but for a lifetime, as you can use it over and over again. These games can be as fun, adventurous or sensuous as you wish. The key thing is to both enjoy it.

Hopefully these gift ideas have inspired everyone to have a fabulous Valentine's Day this year and in years to come.

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Valentine Presents For Men

Want to have sweet romantic success with your guy this Valentine's? Gals you can shoot Cupid's arrow straight through the heart of your man with these 5 heart melting Valentine Presents For Men ideas.

One thing that separates couples with 'out of this world' relationships, is they never stop doing new, fun and exciting things with their partner. In other words, they never stop doing those things that make them laugh and smile at each other and neither should you.

Spend this Valentine's Day doing fun things. Believe me when I say that NOTHING can rekindle the excitement in your relationship more than going on a fun and creative Valentine date together.

All of the following 5 "Valentine Presents For Men" ideas can be combined with a creative Valentine's date.

1. Buy two stuffed animals, one reflecting your personality and the other reflecting your love's personality. Dress them with telltale accessories that leave no doubt that they are you and your man. Attach a note on one that says, You're my...roaring lion... handsome hippo...gentle lamb...devoted puppy, frog disguised as a prince, and on the other, I'm your...pussycat, tiger, tootie muffin, cuddle bunny or whatever your nick name is.

2. Make a box-within-a-box package. Wrap a small item and place it in a larger box with an item that isn't wrapped. Wrap that box and place it in yet a larger box with another unwrapped item. Do this until you have one large box wrapped with loving messages written all over it.

3. Buy tickets to the movies or sports event and put the "prize? in a box of Cracker Jacks.

4. Make a CD of love songs and put it inside a clear plastic case. Design a cover and list each song and a little write-up on how it relates to your feelings or the memories of being together.

5. Wrap little gifts and hide them all over the house. Write up "hint" sheets for their locations. Play Scavenger Hunt and watch your guy delight in solving the clues and finding special treats.

Lanie Dills is the creator of Valentine Presents For Men. If you enjoyed these 5 Valentine Presents For Men ideas, why not get 5 more, including one that will make him love you forever. Grab this hot new idea right now: Valentine Presents For Men

Unique Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Jewelry is a traditional Valentine's gift, but why not push the envelope and get her some unique jewelry? It will show her your love and set her apart in the crowd. She will love any jewelry gift you get her, but it makes it a bit more fun to get something different.

What do we mean by unique jewelry? What we don't mean is jewelry that she never wears - if she doesn't wear it she may not like it! Unique jewelry is either a stone she has never worn, designs that are a little unusual, personalized jewelry or jewelry from a different culture.

When buying unique jewelry there are a number of things to bear in mind. First, and most important, make sure she will like it. If you don't know her tastes well enough then get something a little bit different; if you know her very well then go all out - she will at least enjoy the fact you tried to do something different and will appreciate the thought at least. Also, you may have to pay a little more for truly unusual jewelry but you should be able to get something reasonable online. The other thing to bear in mind is that if she really likes it she may want to get matching pieces, so make a note of what the store has in terms of similar designs or sets.

It may be worth thinking about getting a number of pieces, instead of just one. She is more likely to like at least one piece in that case, and it's nice to get a set.

Having something unique to wear will make her stand out and it's something she can show off to her friends. It also demonstrates to the world your love for each other and makes you both feel good about your relationship.

So bite the bullet and get her something different today!

Tony Connor is the owner of http://www.BrightGiftIdeas.com with gift suggestions for everyone. For some unique jewelry pieces at great prices go to http://Jewelry.BrightGiftIdeas.com

Top Ten Romance Movies For Valentine's Day

Here are some great suggestions for movies to watch when you are cuddling on the couch on Valentine's day.

Valentine's Day will be here soon. In addition to the roses, candy and dinner, you need some warm fuzzy movies to watch as you snuggle up with your honey. Good love stories provide comedy, romance and in many cases - a good cry at the expense of someone else's relationship.These classic movies provide superb story content without a lot of the distractions of dazzling technology that we get now in movies.

Have a great date night relaxing, as you enjoy the quality time you spend with your loved one watching these beloved Top Ten Tales of Amour:

10. On Golden Pond - To witness love transcend decades is a glorious sight. Whether we see it within our own families or in film as here, it holds promise for our own relationships. Not just relationships with our spouses, but also with our children. Two powerhouses of cinema, Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda, gave us grace, humor and reason to believe in lifelong love. Watching the love and admiration between Fonda and his daughter Jane provides further credence to this great and wonderful love story.

9. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing - Determination to be with the one you love: the basic love story theme abounds here, spun in a mesmerizing way between two great actors. Jennifer Jones adorns the screen in anything she plays, but watching her with William Holden is spellbinding. Crossing racial barriers and adultery, this story finds you wanting this couple to overcome it all to be together. I watched it recently and actually wept hard, just as I had before when I'd first seen it. Highly recommended. It's a fine cuddle-up and tissue movie.

8. Pillow Talk - A terrific love story does not have to make you cry. This flick with Rock Hudson and Doris Day is the classic screwball comedy full of mistaken identity, love and absolute hilarity. Swell soundtrack, especially the little ditty that reigns throughout the film in various versions! Also featuring Tony Randall and Thelma Ritter.

7. The Shop Around the Corner - James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. This was the inspiration for "You've Got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. That was good, but regarding that, as in many cases, nothing's better than the original. No internet here, just good ol' fashioned letter-writing and pen-pal life in a quaint little town in Budapest at Christmas. You'll cry in your hot cocoa.

6. The Philadelphia Story - Stellar comedy that put Katharine Hepburn back at the top after an early stall in her career. Impossible to see how it wouldn't have. This mini-soap opera tells the intertwining story of one of Philly's most affluent families and the tabloid-filled lives they lead. Splendid dialogue and an abundance of delightful chemistry throughout the cast provide "a most beholden" piece of entertainment. With Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart (his Oscar win) and Ruth Hussey.

5. Love In The Afternoon - May-December romance takes the stage here along with fast-living, mischief and mistaken identities. Even a case of deception can't keep Gary Cooper from falling in love with the young and beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Captivating music also helps to spin this engaging tale. The train station scene of this film presents a classic moment that many other romantic movies have attempted to duplicate. There has been no other to reach the emotion that this movie evokes.

4. It Happened One Night - What do you get with an heiress running away from an engagement and a hungry reporter trying to capture the story of the year? One of the best romantic comedies to ever hit the screen. Filled with risque, albeit now classic, moments for the 30s, this film warms the heart as you laugh. Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert were quite a pair.

3. Casablanca - Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. This is the story that has it all for everyone. War, intrigue, suspense, gambling, song, romance and, of course, Paris.

2. The Bridges of Madison County - Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. I didn't think the movie would make me cry as much as the book, but boy does it. It's a love she has to keep in her heart for the rest of her life, but as she delivers the legacy of this love to her children after her death, it makes understanding its' power much easier - somehow.

1. Wuthering Heights - Sir Lawrence Olivier and Merle Oberon. The story of Heathcliff, Cathy and the wind of the Moors. Classic story of the burdened heart and, literally, undying love. The supreme tear-jerker. I still recall many years ago in college when some of my classmates and I went to an old movie house in town featuring this film. After the lights were turned on at the end of the movie, just about all of us in the audience continued to sniffle. (We laughed in embarrassment, too.) It is lovely and perfect for a snuggle on Valentine's Day. It will give you the gratitude of knowing love in your life - always.

The original list of my top choices I had compiled was very long, but I want to also give mention to just a few more for you to consider:

Desk Set - The lovely chemistry of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy throughout the movie, especially in the library loft, gives me chills everytime I see it. They couldn't have hidden it even if they'd tried.

Brief Encounter - Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. Considered the love story of all love stories. There's obviously something that pulls at the heartstrings watching stories of unrequited love or, in this case, watching love bloom between the already spoken-for. Penned by Noel Coward and moving along the glorious soundtrack of Rachmaninoff, there's no way to stay tear-free at the end of this movie.

Legends of the Fall - Brad Pitt, the west, the war and unrequited love. Grab at least two boxes of tissues.

When Harry Met Sally - one of my all-time favorites... Women and Men can be friends. However, these two were just destined for love,period.

Gone With The Wind - my top movie... but at four hours, I thought it a bit long to mention in the top 10. Don't miss it though... romance, war, passion, Scarlett and Rhett...

Titanic - Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It's quite long also, but it's the quintessential romantic tragedy. We all know the story, but no other film version grasped the romance and desperation as this. Coupled with Celine Dion's crescendo in the theme song and the unending story that goes on (pardon me) through the necklace, you'll still cry about it the next day when the song pops on the radio. It always has airplay at this time of year!

You can find these great movies at fye!

Be sure to order now in time for your Valentine's Day celebration or anytime you want to spend a glorious date night with your sweetheart!

Tonya Rice is an avid classic movie fan, especially of romantic comedies and westerns. She's a Wellness Consultant, who runs Best In Health Now (http://www.bestinhealthnow.com) which promotes better health and wellness. She is the author of Breaking the Weight Loss Code, available at her website. Sign up now for the Free 5-day Wellness Course with newsletter subscription at http://www.bestinhealthnow.com/newsletters

Unique Valentine's Ideas

Store bought cards, roses, a box of chocolates, and dinners. Sound familiar? That's because it probably is. Come Valentine's Day, you already know what you're going to get or give, same old, same old year after year. What happened to the sweet surprises they used to give in the first stages of your relationship you ask? It's on the back burner, most of us are in our comfort zones, and those with kids just have a harder time to incorporate romance back into their lives. Let's face it, who doesn't like a little romance or creativity? Whether it's just a night for the two of you, or maybe a nice Valentine family gathering, you don't need to be rich to have some quality time together. I'm going to help you get that back.

Spice up the love in the kitchen! This can work either for a couple or as a family, and it doesn't have to be dinner you can work around what best fits your schedule. I prefer it as a couple. If you have kids, plan for a relative or caregiver to take care of them in order to enjoy your time together. Think of each other's favourite food, or maybe a sentimental dish the two of you had together such as what you ate on your first date. Instead of going out for dinner, or take-in, make dinner together. Have a few glasses of wine turn on the stove and start sizzlin'! Nothing beats a home cooked meal, especially if it has been cooked with love. After dinner, share dessert and tidy up. When was the last time you did the dishes together? One washes, one dries. Have fun with it and just enjoy each other's company. Plus, you're getting a lot done for having a romantic night together. Spend the rest of the night alone. Cuddle up and watch an old movie, play board games, or just sit and talk and appreciate being one. This allows you to catch up, and help you remember why the two of you are together. Being at home saves money, and who doesn't like to save?! The important thing is you spent it with each other, just remember, no talk of the kids concentrate on yourselves.

Kids need some time too! Planning activities for the little muchkins is fun and simple. Most importantly, your kids will love being able to do valentines with mommy and daddy instead of just "mommy and daddy". Start the day by giving everyone in the family one shape of either a lip or heart, that way everyone starts with something. Lips represent kisses, and hearts represent hugs. Create a chart and assign one row or column to each member of the family. Each time someone in the family says 'I love you' to someone else (sincerely) that will earn them one lip. Any other sincere gestures are worth a heart. For example, your eldest child has helped his/her little sibling by putting on their socks and shoes. Keep track of everything by placing the corresponding shape with the person's name. Whilst playing this game, plan for some cupcake or cookie baking together. Baking is a great way for kids to interact. This also gives the family the opportunity to catch up with one another and just talk. Allow them to crack the eggs, stir, or pour the batter into the pans. Whatever your child can handle according to age. Let them do all the decorating, that's the fun part! During the baking, have everyone do crafts. Put everyone's name in a hat/bowl, and let everyone pick a name. Whoever's name they chose is whom they have to make a Valentines card for! Get creative! Construction paper, glitter, ribbons, buttons, cars, ties, anything is possible. At the end of the day, total up the scores. However many lips and hearts each person earned is the amount of hugs and kisses they get from everyone! Follow this by having the goodies that were baked, and exchange cards!

This is another one for the hopeless romantic; plan for the kids to be away and make sure your spouse is gone too. This is a great Valentines surprise and especially after a long day of work, you'll score big points! Set candles everywhere to set the mood.

Prepare the bath with chamomile and lavender scented bubbles, as this is very relaxing. Throw in a few rose petals to top it off. Have some wine ready, shavers, and shaving cream! When your loved one arrives, they'll come home to a nice relaxing environment. Have a bite to eat then enjoy the warm bath, and you do the shaving for one another. Shave or wax her legs, and shave his moustache. Shaving each other is a kind of trust activity. Let the rest of the night go with the flow!

Don't think that I've forgotten about the lonesome. Valentines isn't always about being with someone special. This time of the year gives you more of a reason to celebrate. Ladies, call up some girlfriends who are in the same boat and treat yourselves to a day at the spa. After, have some margaritas at your house with desserts and karaoke! Guys do the same thing, invite the boys' over, and have a few beers. Watch the game or play poker. Don't want company? Any of what I've just mentioned is do-able alone too.

There you have it, no more store bought cards, chocolate, and restaurant dinners. Don't let this stop you here though. Be unique and think up some more ideas for any special day! Although, I hope that these ideas have given you more options as to what to do come Valentines Day.

I'll accept your thank-you now for later. Have Fun!

the mommie correspondent

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How To Surprise Your Valentine This Year

Had Valentine's day become boring and stuck in a rut? Or is this your first date together and you want to do something different? There are a lot of fun and unique ways to spend Valentine's day together this year. The first part of a good Valentine's date though is to be with someone that you really love and is in love with you. Then everything else is just extras for the night.

To start off your Valentine's day consider sending a lawn greeting to surprise them when they wake up on February 14th. A lawn greeting company will go out between midnight and seven am to fill the yard and put up a 3 foot personal message card. You can fill the yard with Flamingos - hearts -- stars -- smiley faces -- flowers and many more options to choose from. There are usually between 25 to 50 of them placed around the yard. And you have a choice on what you want to put on the personalized yard sign. Some ideas are Will You Marry Me? Will You Be Mine or Thank You For Being My Valentine. The lawn greeting will be up all day and the lawn greeting company will return to pick up the greeting for you.

For a wonderful day or night you can choose from a list of fun and exciting ideas like -

- Take A Helicopter Tour Of The City

- Take Her To A Restaurant At The Top Of A Building

- Fly Her To New York For Dinner

- Have A Picnic On The Beach

- Candlelight Dinner Aboard A Yacht

- Hire A Chef To Come Cook Dinner In

- Take A Sleigh Ride Together

On your date you can bring flowers - wine - chocolate to hand her at the door. Other gift ideas include jewelry - perfume - lingerie for someone that you have been with awhile.

To send a lawn greeting from A Sign Of Surprise http://www.asignofsurprise.com or 918-607-0747. Great for Birthdays - Anniversaries - Mothers day - Graduation - Fathers day - Wedding Proposals and more

Celebrating Valentine's Day On a Shoestring

Valentine's Day is just around the corner And just in case you've forgotten, it's always celebrated on February 14th. (Now you have no excuse for ignoring it again this year.)

But if you're thinking, "Well, I have no excuse ... except for the fact that I don't have much money to spend on an elaborate gift or dinner out at a fancy restaurant right now."

No worries. Here's a list of inexpensive -- and often free -- ideas for spending some quality romantic time with your Valentine.

Outdoor Ideas

If the weather outside isn't frightful this time of year where you live, Nature's a romantic spot to spend some snuggling time together.

You could always have an exercise date if you're both fitness nuts: a brisk walk on a tree-lined lane, a game of Frisbee in the park with your favorite view, bicycling along the waterfront, a hike to a local destination. One of my favorite things to do is rent a canoe and meander slowly around the local waterways.

For a less physically demanding outdoor idea, slow the pace down and stroll leisurely through the park rather than power-walking. Hold hands, look at the flowers, watch the birds, listen to the sounds of nature. Go somewhere you haven't been for ages ... maybe an arboretum, beach, game reserve, or Japanese gardens.

And don't let a bit of rainy drizzle stop your plans. A romantic stroll under a shared umbrella followed by a cup of coffee or tea in a local coffee shop is definitely a romantic alternative to the typically more expensive dinner and a movie. Plus, most parks are less crowded on rainy days, so you'll have more privacy for your romantic walk.

Even in the winter, it can be fun to wander through the local zoo. Many times the animals are more active this time of year rather than in the summer when they're all hiding in the shade, escaping the summer heat.

Your local newspaper is always a great resource for inexpensive date ideas. Check out the "What's Happening" section for information on local heritage festivals, film showings, street fairs, home tours, fireworks displays, musical events, and county fairs.

Indoor Activities

If it's too cold or wet to spend Valentine's Day outside, try taking a romantic drive together into the countryside, perhaps stopping for coffee and pie at a diner along the way. Mmm.

Spend the afternoon browsing through antique stores together. Talk about the things you remember seeing in your grandmother's house when you were a child. It's amazing the memories that can come back looking through things from long ago. You might discover things about your loved one you never knew.

Museums are often a fairly inexpensive way to spend time together. Check around for history and art museums you've overlooked in the past. Many of them have free days, too.

If it's winter in your area and winter consists of sunny skies and palm trees, you might want to consider going ice skating together at the local skating rink. The change in temperature is invigorating, and it's fun to bundle up in a scarf and gloves if it's not something you do very often. Plus, it's always appropriate to hold hands while skating together. Instant romance.

Stay-at-Home Ideas

Breakfast in bed is a fun wake-up on Valentine's Day morning. Maybe cook some heart-shaped pancakes to complete the theme?

You could also have a tea party, just for the two of you with a selection of delicious gourmet teas, a variety of cakes and cookies, romantic music, and of course some fragrant flowers (they can just be ones picked from the yard ... you don't have to go overboard -- and over-budget -- with a dozen long stemmed roses).

Try having a picnic in the living room by the fireplace. Spread a blanket or tablecloth on the floor, light some candles, pack traditional picnic food items into your picnic basket, turn on some soft music. Maybe feed each other fresh strawberries.

If you have a series of movies you both enjoy, a movie marathon can be a fun way to spend the day. Stock up on snacks ahead of time, cuddle under a blanket on the couch, and watch a day full of Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, or a variety of romantic comedies). Turn off the ringer on your phone and just spend the day getting lost in the stories together.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!

Deborah Taylor-Hough (free-lance writer and mother of three) is the author of several popular books including Frozen Assets: How to Cook for a Day and Eat for a Month and A Simple Choice: A Practical Guide for Saving Your Time, Money and Sanity. To subscribe to her free email newsletter, Simple Times, send an email to:


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Valentine Gifts That Will Pamper Her

As Valentines Day approaches, many men are getting nervous as they know they will be put on the spot yet again to give the best gift that they can. Men tend to put to much pressure on them selves when this holiday rolls around as they think they need to be extra romantic and somehow outdo every other man, where the gift giving is concerned.

This doesn't have to be a hard holiday and men do not need to go to great lengths to prove their undying love to their number one leading lady. All you need is a little bit of creativity and you will come out on top when she opens her gift. One this you can be sure of is that you should try to stay away from the cliché gifts such as chocolate and cheap flowers from the gas station.

Woman love to be pampered and it really doesn't take much to make a woman feel pampered. You can get her a gift certificate to a nail salon so she can get a manicure and pedicure when ever she likes. Women love to feel taken care of and this is a great way to let her sit down and relax, letting someone else take care of her. This is a great choice for a Valentines gift and will get you great brownie points as well.

You can also go with a gift certificate to a local salon where she can get a full body massage, a facial or even a hot rock massage. The ideas are virtually limitless. You can get the gift certificate for something specific or you can leave it open so she can spend it as she wants when she gets to the salon.

If money is an issue then you can also check with local schools that teach massages classes or even nail techs. They offer the same services for a much lower price and the services are performed by the top students under the supervision of their teachers so you can be sure that she will get top quality care and get the pampering that she so deserves.

Buying the perfect Valentines gift doesn't have to be a problem. It is waiting till the last minute that will get you into trouble. Waiting that long to make your gift purchase leaves you with little to choose from. Valentines Day is one of the most popular holidays and you can be sure that the shelves in the stores will clear out quickly. Time and creativity are the key essentials when it comes to getting the perfect gift.

Tom Kranz writes articles on Valentines Day, Valentines Day gift ideas, and Valentines Gift ideas. His articles regularly appear on http://www.valentines-giftideas.com

Original Valentines Gift Ideas

When February rolls around the stores pack their shelves with everything you can think of in the shape of a heart and sprinkled with red and pink paint. You will see dozens of red roses lining the floral shops all adorned with ferns and babies breath. It is no wonder why men get confused as to what is the most original gift to get for the special woman in their life.

The top selling items in February are always chocolate in heart shaped containers and roses. You can bet if you go with chocolate and roses you will not get any extra points for originality. If you really want to make an impression you need to know the things that she likes. Women will always tell you "it's the little things that count" so be sure to pay attention to the details.

You want to know such things as her favorite meal as well as dessert. You should also know her favorite flower, don't just assume that she will love a dozen of roses. She may love carnations and it might be yellow ones instead of the usually pink and red for Valentines Day. You can use these little details to make a special Valentines Day that she will never forget.

Instead of taking her to her favorite restaurant you can try your hand ant making her favorite dish but if cooking isn't your thing then you can order her favorite meal from her favorite restaurant and serve it up at home for her. Have her favorite flowers as your center piece and spoil her with some champagne and strawberries for dessert.

For some extra points you should also know her favorite romantic music and have a CD for her as a gift. This will help to set the mood and you can be sure that it is not some cheesy pick up music. She will really be impressed that you went that extra mile to get her favorite things and not just the usual chocolate and roses.

There are many ways to make your gifts original and you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to do it. Keep in mind that she will be more then happy to tell you things that she likes and things that she doesn't like. The best thing is to try to know this information in advance so you can make the arrangements in plenty of time.

Don't fall into the same old routine that most every man does. Many men wait until the last minute to get their gifts, then they are left with the cheap left over gifts and that doesn't go over well with the ladies. The last thing you want to do is show up with a stuffed animal and a rose from the gas station.

Say "I Love You" On Valentine's Day With A Unique Gift

Valentine's Day, February 14th, is the day that's set aside for telling those you love that you do love them. It's not a bad idea if you think about it... We get so busy and so involved in all of our various activities that it's easy to forget to tell that special someone just how special they really are to us. Celebrating love on a special day is the perfect solution.

There are many ways to say "I love you." A romantic dinner for two... a quiet evening with Champagne toasts to eternal love with beautiful romantic music playing in the background... a magical vacation to an exotic spot... sending red roses, chocolates and a romantic card... giving a gift of heart shaped jewelry... all of these are special ways to tell your one special love just how much you love them.

One of the secrets of successfully showing your feelings of true love on Valentine's Day (or any other day) is knowing the other person well enough to know exactly what gift to choose.

Showing up on the doorstep of your lady love with a bottle of wine or champagne only to discover that she doesn't drink won't convey romantic feelings. Giving a gift of large dangling earrings when she would never wear anything but small studs isn't romantic either. Sending her a large box of chocolates if she's allergic to chocolate isn't going to tell her that you love her.

Instead, these things will tell her that you don't know anything about her and you don't care enough to find out.

By the same token, hastily picking a gift off the shelf at the store tells him or her that you don't find them special enough to take the time to find a truly appropriate and unique gift.

Remember, Valentine's Day is a day for expressing love and love means caring enough to know the other person well enough to choose a gift that will truly please them. The more unique and appropriate the gift is, the more you're telling your true love that they really are your one true love.

For more than a dozen unique Valentine's Day gift ideas and product reviews visit http://www.squidoo.com/Gifts_For_Valentines_Day now.

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Valentines Are For All

Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to celebrate love, with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even your best friend. It is typically a day to celebrate love, full of red roses and boxes of candy shapes like hearts. Although Valentine's Day is a great day to celebrate relationships, but valentines gifts are great for practically anybody. Roses and boxes of chocolates are special for relationships, but there is a wide variety of other gifts that are great for friends and family.

Because Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, sending close family members a gift is a lovely gesture. Parents can send gifts to their children, of children can even give something to their parents. No family member is off limits for a holiday that celebrates love, no matter who the family member is. Because love between family members and those in relationships is a different type of love, giving heart shapes stuffed animals and chocolate covered strawberries may be inappropriate gifts. Instead, you can browse gift basket websites and send them a gift full of gourmet foods, chocolates, and accessories that will be surely to please.

Close friends also should not be forgotten, because they are special for being a close friend. The love theme is different than a relationship as well, so close friends should be given something they would really enjoy. Spa kits, bottles of wine, and even snacks are ideal, or even gifts packed with novelty items such as golf accessories stuffed with sweets. This idea is great for single friends or even those that are dating, because they can be directed toward hobbies and personal preference.

Many friends are made at the workplace, since most working individuals spend the majority of their time at work. Most people who work close with a lot of people have developed strong relationships, since they see the same people on a regular basis day after day. Because of the special bond that is formed between co-workers, they too should be included in the Valentine's Day celebration. Wine, gourmet gifts, and even chocolates make great co-worker gifts, or you can even choose something more personal for those who know the most about.

Including everyone you know in your Valentine's Day celebration isn't abnormal, but actually a great way to show everyone how much you care about them. Although this is true, it is still important to spend time deciding on a gift for that special person in your life. Although roses, chocolates, and jewelry are the most popular gifts for romantic relationships, there are many other great gift ideas that can be personal and are sure to please. Those involved in a romantic relation should know a lot about each other, so gifting something personal and toward their own likes can be romantic, sweet, and a wonderful idea for many. Including a game of Strip Chocolate might be just what a romance needs.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to Valentine's Day, because it is a happy holiday where everyone can celebrate love. Valentines really are for everybody, and finding a unique gift for each person in your life can easily be done.

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Valentine Symbols

Holidays are very much about their symbols. Valentines is no different. Red and Pink Hearts, kisses, roses, candy and Cupid. Cupid is a timeless symbol of Valentines, with his cherub face and arrows to pierce the hearts of star crossed lovers. While the symbol of Cupid is readily associated with Valentines, few know the real story.

Cupid is the winged child of Venus - the Roman goddess of love. Jealous of Psyche, a beautiful mortal, Venus ordered Cupid to shoot her with one of his arrows and kill her. Instead he fell madly in love with her and married her. As a mortal Psyche was forbidden to look at Cupid and everything was fine between the two until Psyche's sisters convinced her to look at him. To punish her, Cupid left and their beautiful and mythical castle vanished.

While wandering seeking her lost love, Psyche stumbled upon a Temple to Venus and Venus, being vengeful and wanting Psyche dead gave her a series of tasks - created to lead to ultimate demise.

Psyche was sent to the underworld to capture the beauty of Pluto's wife. When she opened the small box Venus had given her, she does not find beauty, but finds deadly slumber.

Cupid comes upon his wife's lifeless body and gathers from her the deadly slumber and replaces it in the box. The Gods then decide to make Psyche a Goddess.

Now, two hearts pierced by an arrow - have come to symbolize the romantic love which we celebrate on Valentine's Day.

In Greek mythology the tale of Eros is much the same. He falls in love with the beautiful mortal Psyche but forbids her to see him, making her extinguish all the lamps in her chamber when he visits. When she dares to look at him while he is sleeping, she spills a drop of lamp oil upon him and in anger at her disobedience he leaves her. The distraught Psyche wonders the earth seeking her beloved. In the end Zeus takes pity on her and reunited them.

In Greek mythology Eros is also said to be responsible for the embrace of Uranus (the Heaven or Sky) and Gaia (the Earth.)

Regardless of the legend - Cupid and Eros - the winged cherub is a mainstay of Valentines Days and a symbol of the joining of two hearts in love.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

For the Music Lover: A new iPod along with a personalized case makes a much appreciated gift. Or an apple iPod gift certificate to go shopping online for music. Also try finding tickets to a favorite concert.

For the Business Professional: A personalized desk nameplate. A personalized leather briefcase or laptop case. Maybe try a personalized leather padfolio. Personalized desk accessories also work, like a clock, paperweight, business card holder or a personalized pen set.

For the Dad’s: A personalized robe or baseball cap. A personalized wallet or wallet/key chain combo. A set of personalized cuff links. Maybe a personalized money clip or even a pocket watch also make unique gift ideas.

For the Mr. Fix It’s: Power tools, a personalized swiss army knife or plain pocket knife. Or get a gift certificate to a favorite tools store, so they’re sure to get the tools they want. Basically any tool that makes fixing the house easier on him will work just fine. Just make sure he doesn’t already have one.

For the Man’s Man: A universal remote. A personalized beer mug or shot glass. A personalized flask. A new recliner. A new flat screen TV. Or a weekend getaway with the guys.

For the Sports Enthusiast: A personalized beer mug with favorite sports team logo or shot glass with favorite sports team logo. A personalized flask with sports team logo. Tickets to a favorite sports game.

For the Golfer: A personalized golf accessory to go with their golfing supplies. Ex: Golf playing cards & dice set, Divot tool & ball maker or a Golf Accessory bag. A new set of clubs. A personalized crystal golf driver celebrating a hole in one, engraved with their name, and the date, time and place of this wondrous event will be proudly displayed.

For the Romantic: Start with a romantic dinner for two, then break out the presents. A personalized photo frame. A personalized throw blanket complete with a cozy picture of the happy couple. An exciting game of sexy dice or card game. Great for learning new and exciting things about your partner. He’ll be happy spending quality time with just the two of you.

Most of these gift ideas are made all the more special by using personalization. It takes an ordinary gift and turns it into something treasured. Personalization also shows how well you know him and makes him the king of his kingdom. Go with the gifts that fit him best and as always Happy shopping :-)

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Ideas for Inexpensive Valentine Gifts - Celebrating Valentine's Day on a Budget

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get your Valentine a treasured and meaningful gift. In fact, you can find the traditional (and traditionally expensive) Valentine gifts at a discount if you know where and when to buy. Plus, there are lots of inexpensive gifts to which you can add your own sentiments to make them truly meaningful.

Here are six tips for finding affordable Valentine's Day gifts:

1. A dozen red roses is one of the most romantic gestures you can make (on Valentine's Day or any time of the year), and you don't have to pay a lot if you know a few secrets. One way to get your Valentine's roses at a discount is to order early. Several of the major online florists offer as much as $10 off your Valentine bouquet if you pre-order your bouquet by the end of January (for delivery on Valentine's Day). No matter what time you order your Valentine's bouquet online, make sure you look for a coupon code first. You'll find 10% off coupons year round, and you can find surprisingly inexpensive Valentines packages by shopping around.

2. To reduce your costs still further, pair a simpler floral purchase with a personal sentiment. Purchase a single red rose, add a small box of fine chocolates, and combine it with a card in which you write 10 to 20 (or 100) reasons you are grateful for your Valentine.

3. You aren't required to send roses. What is your loved one's favorite bouquet? She'll appreciate that you know what her favorite flower is, and you may be able to save some money on a less traditional floral gift.

4. Purchase seeds or bulbs and a few decorative pots so that she can grow her own favorite flowers. Include a card with the sentiment that your love will continue to grow just as the flowers do. When you give a growing plant, instead of cut flowers, you ensure that the recipient will be able to enjoy the gift for longer than a week or two.

5. The prospect of creating treasured memories together can be just as romantic as a bouquet of roses. If your budget is tight, rent a couple of romantic movies and order pizza for Valentine's Day. The trick to being romantic is in the personalization that you bring to each gift. The most romantic gifts are those that say, "I spent time on this gift" and "I enjoy spending time with you."

6. When you are looking for inexpensive gift ideas, think outside the box. If your loved one likes to keep a diary, for example, present her with a beautiful new journal and a nice pen. Sign the inside with a romantic quote.

The trick to making any gift romantic is to make sure to pair your gift with words from your heart. A romantic card with a handwritten, heartfelt sentiment is, in itself, one of the best gifts you can give.

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Valentine's Celebrations Around the World

No matter where in the world, love exists. Some celebrations are low-key while others are full-fledged feats. Let's look at some of these festivities.


In both Canada and the United States, school-age children delight in exchanging Valentine cards with their friends. There are classroom parties with Valentine sweets and card exchanges. The students generally make fancy envelopes or boxes in which to deposit their cards. They also take great delight in creating homemade (school-made) Valentines out of red (pink, white) construction paper, other fancy papers, paper doilies (often available in a heart shape), etc. The pupils have as much fun in creating their cards as in receiving them! Teenagers may have dances or parties while everyone, from adult down, gives flowers, candy, or some other gift to their spouses or significant others. Valentine candy is generally packaged in heart-shaped boxes sometimes decorated with lace and such.

Mexicans celebrate Valentine's Day but the day goes by another name; "Dia de San Valentin" or "Dia del amor y la armistad" is a day of love and friendship.


People living in Austria and Germany share with Americans the tradition of bestowing upon their wives presents of roses or chocolates.

In Denmark, Valentine's Day is celebrated with enthusiasm. Early Valentine cards were transparent and when held up to the light, a picture of a man handing a woman a present would be projected. Another popular gift is to give pressed white flowers known as Snowdrops (one source identifies Snowdrops as candy). A "gaekkebrev" or joking letter, sent by men, has a romantic verse in it but is not signed. Instead, the man signs his name with a number of dots that correlate with the number of letters in his name. If the object of his affection guesses his identity, she receives an Egg on Easter.

In England, Valentine's Day is celebrated in various ways. On Valentine's Day Eve, women used to practice rather strange customs. They would take their pillow and pin a bay leaf on each of the four corners and consume eggs where the removed yolks were replaced with salt! (My mouth puckers at the mere thought.) After doing this, they were confident they would dream of their future husbands. In another custom, women would write the names of their lovers on paper. These papers were put on clay balls which were dropped into water. Whichever paper surfaced first would bear the name of their future husband.

In the present, some unmarried women arise from bed before daybreak on Valentine's Day. They wait by the window, searching for a man to pass by. They feel the first man they see, or someone with a close resemblance to him, will become, within the year, their bridegroom.

Children in England sing special Valentine's songs and receive candy, fruit, or money. In some regions of England, people bake special Valentine's buns adorned with caraway seeds, plums, or raisins.

It is traditional to get engaged on Valentine's Day in Italy. Popular gifts are china baskets and cups that have been filled with Valentine's candies. Women in Italy practice the same fortune telling custom of watching for their future husbands as is done in England.

In Scotland, Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated with a festival where unmarried males and females gather together. Each individual writes their name (or a fictitious one) on a piece of paper which is folded and then put into a hat, one for the women and a separate one for the men.

The ladies draw first and the process is repeated by the men. When the two drawn names do not match, the man is expected to pair up with the lady who had drawn his name. The man presents a gift to the lady on his paper. The women pin the name of their partner on their sleeves or over their hearts. Is this the origin of wearing one's heart on their sleeve?

In Spain, women give gifts to their husbands; men give flowers to their wives.


In China, Valentine's Day is not normally celebrated on February 14th. Rather, according to the Chinese calendar. it is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. On this day, lovers crowd the Temple of Matchmaker to pray for love and happiness. Singles can also come to pray. One traditional practice involves girls putting a needle on the surface of the water when the star Vega can be found high in the sky. It is time then for the girl to search for a husband. Also, this day is set aside for girls to make any wish at all.

Modern China puts a new spin on this holiday when hotels give Valentine discounts for couples. Not only is the room rate discounted but also on this day the hotels will not ask and check for marriage certificates. However, any other day of the year Chinese law requires hotels to verify marriage certificates before allowing couples to check in.

In Israel, Valentine's Day is a popular time for marriage proposals to be made. Gifts are also exchanged.

In Japan, chocolates play an important role. Women give a box of chocolates ("Giri-choko") as a token of friendship or gratitude to her boss, colleagues, and male friends. Giri-choko" translates as "obligatory chocolate."

Going a step further, a woman can express her love for that special man in her life by giving small gifts plus a box of chocolates known as "Honmei-choko" or "prospective chocolate."

In a month's time, men who have received the gift of chocolate presents the women with a box of chocolates on White Day, March 14th. These chocolates are generally either white chocolate or the candy is wrapped in white boxes. Japanese men often give gifts of lingerie or jewelry to their special women.

In Korea, Valentine's Day is celebrated much the same as it is in Japan. However, men who were not recipients of chocolates celebrate together on April 14th, or Black Day, whereupon they eat black noodles called "Jajangmyun."

Thousands of couples celebrate Valentine's Day in the Philippines by gathering together for the world record of the most couples kissing at one time. This festivity is called Lovapalooza. That's a lot of chapped lips!

Taiwan observes two Valentine's Day celebrations, one on February 14th and the other on July 7th. On these days, it is traditional to exchange roses; the color and number of roses determine the message. For example, one rose is "only love," eleven roses mean "a favorite," "forever" is the message coming with ninety-nine roses, and one hundred and eight roses signify "marry me."

In Thailand, Valentine's Day is celebrated in unique ways. Among these ways is the joining of two elephants as the world's largest bride and groom. Also included is the world's largest mass-wedding and the world's largest underwater wedding.

Love is forever, wherever you look.

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Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts - Six Easy Ideas for Making Your Own Romantic Gifts

Have you ever wondered why we are led to believe that the best Valentine's Day gifts are also the most expensive? In my relationship, we value our time together most of all. And we are on a shared budget, which means any extraordinary extravagance is a shared burden.

The truth is, Valentine's Day is big business. Too often, retailers want us to believe that we need to spend lots of money on traditional Valentine's Day gifts in order to properly prove our love to one another.

This year, let's make a stand for the heartfelt, sentimental, simple gift. Homemade gifts carry the message to your loved one that she is worth not just your cash, but your time, energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

Here are six ideas for simple but romantic homemade Valentine's Day gifts.

1. Make a scrapbook. This is one of the easiest gifts to make, and if you plan ahead, you won't even have to touch a glue stick if you don't want to. Many of the online photo processing sites have systems in place where creating a sentimental gift is as easy as dragging and dropping your favorite photos into pre-made templates. Some of them will even provide the romantic quotes to go alongside them.

If you would rather make a more traditional scrapbook yourself, the scrapbooking industry has made that easy for you, too. Purchase a simple mini book kit from your local craft store and cut and paste your favorite photos inside. The most romantic of these mini scrapbook albums or photo books will include personal sentiments, such as "Ten Things I Love About You," "My Favorite Memories of the Past Year," or "You're My Perfect Valentine Because..." All you will need to do is fill in the blanks.

2. Make a scented candle. Your local craft supply store will likely have a kit that makes it a cinch to create a beautiful homemade candle. If you make sure to follow the instructions in the kit carefully, it's an easy process, and you'll be able to customize your homemade candle with dyes and scents to make a gorgeous creation. Make sure to pair your gift with a thoughtful sentiment in a handmade card.

3. Make a Mix CD. Burn a CD of your loved one's favorite music.

4. Make your Valentine's favorite meal. Plan a romantic homemade dinner with a nice bottle of wine and some candlelight. Make sure your loved one's favorite songs are playing in the background.

5. Bake it up. Bake a batch of your partner's favorite sweet treats and wrap up a box of the homemade confections. These will remind your loved one of you, so they'll be much more romantic and personalized than a store-bought box of chocolates (and less expensive, too).

6. Make a Memory Jar. Fill a jar with slips of paper that detail your favorite times of the year, or even your favorite memories of your relationship from the beginning. Create a card that instructs your loved one to read one new slip of paper every day.

Even if you opt for a store-bought gift this Valentine's Day, make sure that you include your personal sentiments on a card. You can easily create a meaningful and romantic gift just by writing down what's in your heart.

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Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Six Valentine Gifts She'll Love

Okay guys...Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you might be getting a little stressed trying to choose that perfect gift for your significant other. If you're looking for something romantic that goes way beyond the traditional cliché gifts like chocolate and flowers, here are six unique gift ideas that are personal, intimate, and very sensual.

1. Have you ever met a female who doesn't like jewelry? Well, I haven't. Now, you don't have to go all out and buy her diamonds...rhinestones look very expensive and won't break the piggy bank. If you stick with rhinestone bracelets, necklaces, and earrings you won't have to worry about getting the right size.

2. If you think she'd enjoy a little pampering, get her a gift certificate to a local spa. She can then choose what she'd like best...a manicure, pedicure, facial, or perhaps a massage.

3. Take her out for a night on the town. Start with a romantic dinner at a place you have to get dressed up to go to. If your wallet can afford it, maybe follow that with tickets to a play, a concert, or some dancing. To really kick up the romance and intimacy you can end the evening with idea five or six.

4. If your budget can handle it, how about a romantic getaway. Make reservations at a nearby resort or upscale hotel (many hotels will have Valentine Day packages). To set the right tone, call ahead and arrange to have a bottle of chilled champagne waiting in your room. If you want to go all out and give her something she'll really remember, then add idea six.

5. Give her a massage. This can be a hand massage, foot massage, shoulder massage, or full body massage. To do this properly you need to set the mood with candles, massage oils or creams, and romantic music. You can find everything you need, along with instructions, at a number of online sites. This is a great add-on gift to a night on the town or a romantic getaway and she'll love the pampering.

6. For the ultimate in personal pampering and intimacy, give her a romantic bath. Set the mood with scented candles, bath oils, music, and maybe some fresh fruit. You can buy complete kits to help you with this online, and this also is a great way to end a night on the town or to enhance a romantic getaway.

Remember...don't get stressed...just pick one of these ideas and go with it. She'll love it.

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Renewing the Spark on Valentine's Day 2008

So, you've been together for a while and the spark has dimmed. There are a number of things you can do to reignite that spark and they all start with focus. Using the Law of Attraction we know that focus, emotion, and inspired action can add up to success. If you are stumped on what to do this Valentine's Day, hopefully these ideas will help to inspire you.

1. Plan a surprise. This doesn't have to be something big or expensive, but it should entail some effort. You should know your partner better than anyone else. Use that knowledge to develop a wonderful surprise for them.

2. Send sweet or sexy text messages. Sometimes phone calls aren't appropriate, for example, when your partner is at work or otherwise busy. A private text message however, is usually acceptable. Another advantage of a text message is that they can leave it in their phone and reread it when the mood strikes.

3. Strip for your spouse. You don't have to have the perfect body for this, you only need confidence. Try taking a course if you want, read a book on it, or even look online. There are free articles on how to strip that can certainly guide you.

4. Share your fantasies and act them out. There are of course fantasies that are better kept in the theatre of the mind than actually acted out; but those can certainly be shared and enjoyed by both parties even if you don't want to perform them. Those you both find intriguing to perform can certainly bring a spark back into things. Keep in mind that the fantasies you share are meant to heighten your sexual experiences so be mindful of your partner and their feelings. In other words, if you have a fantasy of sleeping with your partner's best friend and they won't appreciate this, you of course wouldn't want to share that.

5. Keep a notebook in a special, easy to reach place in your house. If appropriate, keep a beautiful journal on a coffee table in the living room. This journal is just for you both to write those special moments in. We have all had the experience of seeing our partner walk into a room and feel them take our breath away; write that down. When your partner does something that touches you, write it down. You can both turn to this journal and read what the other has written enjoying the love and the special moments over and over again.

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The Best Gift For Her on Valentine's Day

As we come near to the season of love, most of us are already getting excited about the much awaited day. This is also the day when we busy our selves thinking of some wonderful gifts we could give to our loved ones this Valentine's day.

Unlike men, women are more sensitive and expect more when it comes to relationships. Even small things bother them and make a big difference to them. So whether you are thinking of giving her a diamond bracelet or some cheap flowers, those will definitely mean a lot to her. For her, whatever you decide to give is considered as an expression of your love and care.

So when you think of giving her gifts on Valentine 's Day, remember to give her something that would express well of what you have in your heart. You don't need to give something very expensive or something big. There are gifts that are simple and small but can make a major difference. I uggest that you give her a valentine gift that is memorable.

And to make that day special and memorable, you should consider giving a personalized valentine gift . A simple embroidered pillow or personalized photo frames where you can put your happy photos together are just some of the gifts that will surely be appreciated.

Unique valentine gifts may also make a big difference. Unique gifts add excitement and enjoyment to the recipient. This is because choosing a unique gift is not an easy task for everyone. Even if that gift is the simplest one could find, its uniqueness adds value to it. The only thing that you must do if you are thinking to give a unique gift is to start looking for it in advance so you will have more time finding and choosing the best one that will express your feelings to her. If you don't know where or how to start, you can get some suggestions from your friends or browse the internet to find something that will suit her taste. While doing it, you must list at least ten of the gifts you think she would probably like and then narrow it down to five until you can make the final decision of what to buy. You can use a friend's or a recommendation from of the family members if you are confused of what to select.

Now, if you are a very busy person, flower gifts, chocolate gifts, scented candles and gift baskets are some of the common gifts that are appropriate for almost any occasion regardless of recipient's age and gender. These are gifts that are commonly found in your favorite mall or on line store. Just make sure that you choose something that will agree to her preferred color, scent and taste.

Basically, women want to feel that they are loved and valued. Giving her gifts not only on Valentine's Day but also on ordinary days would make her feel that she is loved, cherished and being thought always. That for her, is the most romantic gift anyone can have on Valentine's Day and always.

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Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts - Green Tea Hearts and Herbal Blends

Looking for a healthy Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart? Consider something that warms the heart and is good for it, too -- like green tea hearts or herbal blends.

The five varietals of tea (white, green, black, pu-erh, and oolong) all come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Because tea contains an abundance of special flavonoids called catechins, which are naturally occurring compounds loaded with antioxidant properties, tea drinkers reap many health benefits. Loose-leaf tea, due to its higher quality, is believed to contain more antioxidants than bagged tea. Freshly prepared loose-leaf tea gives the biggest health boost, since the catechins in loose-leaf tea break down quickly.

Studies from the Harvard Medical School suggest that loose-leaf tea can reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes; it strengthens your immune system, boosts your metabolism, and is good for your skin. And because of the many varietals and blendings, loose-leaf tea offers a wide range of flavors.

For a romantic and healthy Valentine's Day gift, green tea "hearts" are unique. Green tea leaves are hand-sewn around dried flowers to form the shape of a heart. As you steep the tea hearts in hot water, the tea hearts dramatically open up to reveal the flower blossoming inside. When steeped in a glass teapot, the display is spectacular. Green tea hearts can be purchased from a number of online sources.

Herbal blends, called tisanes, provide health benefits similar to loose-leaf tea and offer another healthy Valentine's Day gift option. Many popular ingredients in herbal blends have long been used in traditional and Eastern medicines and are now being recognized by Western medicine. For a healthy Valentine's Day gift, herbal blends with these ingredients are a good place to start:

  • Lemon balm and lemon verbena, which have soothing effects and are traditional cold remedies.
  • Hibiscus, which has been shown in studies to be effective in reducing hypertension.
  • Dandelion leaf, one of the most potent ingredients in herbal blends and which has been shown to have blood, gastrointestinal, and liver cleansing properties. The USDA ranks dandelion leaf in the top four green vegetables in overall nutritional value.

Whether herbal blends or loose-leaf teas, these delightful infusions are a smart addition to a fit and balanced life. And what a distinctive way to give that "special someone" a healthy Valentine's Day gift!

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Decorate Your Home for Valentine's Day Using Candles

Saint Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year. The national holiday has become the official day for lovers. Individuals, who know the secret to making love last, know that you have to make efforts to show your object of affection love everyday of the year. Nevertheless, making your partner feel extra special on this day is a fun opportunity to unabashedly show your love and appreciation.

There are many great ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can go the traditional and expected route; dinner and a movie. But everyone else will be doing this. Subsequently, restaurants are packed and waiting hours on end to be seated is hardly romantic. Instead of battling the crowds, you might want to consider staying at home and creating a beautiful and intimate experience of your own. This article will provide you with some great ideas to help you decorate your home and set the mood for Valentine's Day. It is very easy to add a bit of romance to your home by using inexpensive things like candle and flowers.

Candles are an easy and nearly instant way to set a romantic mood. Place candles strategically around your home. Candles add a soft, romantic glow and besides, everyone looks good in dim lighting. For safety reasons, be sure to use candle holders and keep candles away from flammable material. Being forced to call the fire department, or having to scamper out of a burning house, can really ruin the mood.

During this time of the year, you may want to consider using pink and red candles. If you are going to be eating in, set the table with scattered rose petals and tall, ivory candles. Floating candles in a nice crystal bowl can also be quite beautiful.

Fragrance is also is another way to evoke romantic feelings. Take into consideration the tastes of both you and your partner. If you love a particular fragrance, purchase it for this special night. If you or your partner are not necessarily "candle people," you may want to make a few dry runs. Go and buy some candles and burn them so you that you get an idea about what scents that you like. The scents that get the highest marks get the go ahead for Valentine's Day.

When decorating your home with candles for Valentine's Day, don't restrict yourself to only using single candles. Instead, try tying a few candles together with a piece of beautiful ribbon. This will greatly multiply the glow from the flames, resulting in a beautiful and dramatic effect.

Now that we have discussed candles, let's talk food. Chocolate, strawberries, chilled champagne (or your favorite cocktail) and a few aphrodisiacs, helps to complete the mood. Before the big night, choose a special poem or write your own, have your partner do the same. On Valentine's Day read them to each other by candle light.

Valentine's Day is a time to go all out for your partner. Do your best to make it special. Staying at home and creating a romantic setting allows you to fully enjoy each other, while not having to fight the crowds. Using candles is the perfect way to add to the ambiance.

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Valentine's Gifts That Touch Parents' Hearts

As Valentine's Day approaches, even the little ones feel the need to give gifts to their parents. For kids, there are a lot of things and gifts that are available in the market, which would certainly mean a lot to their parents.

There are some kids who would just draw pictures and include a cute and loving message, which actually are more than enough top make parents a bit weepy. There are some kids though who would save their money from school and try to buy special presents. Here are some wonderful gift ideas that kids could give.

Children could collect family pictures and glue them on greeting cards or perhaps put them in inexpensive photo frames. These pictures could also be mounted on plain refrigerator magnets. They could also be arranged in some kind of a mini-scrapbook. Captions like "The Best Family in the World" or "I Love You" could just be added with the use of some crafts materials.

Another idea would be to buy some chocolates and candy and then put them in small heart-shaped containers, complete with a message rolled up in a small piece of paper included inside the container. Kids could also ask the help of a grown-up to bake some cookies or cake that have a message made of icing on top of them.

Also great gift ideas would be small stuff toys or key chains that have a message hanging from them. Or probably a jar that has coupons like "This coupon is good for a hug" or "this coupon is good for a household chore". Now, that would be a very thoughtful and unique gift to give to parents.

However, with all the gift ideas that are available out there, it never hurts to stick to the most-proven thoughtful and appreciated gifts on Valentine's Day. Sometimes even some flowers or a simple greeting card, accompanied by a kiss or a hug, could touch the hearts of parents.

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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Him

Everywhere you go, it seems as if there is nothing for a man on Valentine's Day. The fact of the matter is that the perfect gift for him is probably looking right at you. Guys usually do not expect much on Valentine's Day, but if you go the extra mile for him, you can really surprise him. Gifts such as gadgets and hobby oriented equipment like tents, fishing gear, and GPS systems are a big hit with the guys. Here are a few more ideas that can help you whether or not you have a large pocketbook.

Treat Him with Lingerie

Looking for a sure fire way to spark things on Valentine's Day? It may seem over-done, but wearing some lingerie that appeals to his interests can be a big hit. The good news is, that you can find high quality lingerie for all shapes and sizes, for much less than you may think. Check out the Valentine's Day Help store and see how much of a selection is available. We have lingerie for the wild, the conservative, and they are all available in numerous sizes.

Save Him from some Tickets

Does your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend have a lead foot? Let's face it, most guys think they are still playing football even when they are on the interstate. They find an opening and run for it. Well, you may not have realized it yet, but a radar detector will actually help your man slow down a bit. Once a guy gets a general idea of actually how many cops are gunning for him, he will slow down every time he knows there is one in the area. Eventually, he will just drive the speed limit the majority of the time. The gift of a radar detector will not only show him that you are trying to help him not get another ticket, but it will also help slow him down a bit.

Give Him Directions

This is not an easy task. Guys do not like to hear that they may be lost or even feel as if you think that they are lost. If you want to give him accurate directions and still manage to not have to ask him to stop at a gas station, then a GPS Navigation System may be the answer. These devices have come down in price considerably and now you can even grab a good Garmin Navigation system for under $200. One thing to remember when buying a gadget for a guy is to not buy a generic version. Get him something reliable especially when it comes to something that will be leading you guys from point A to B.

Bring Out the Outdoorsman

Whether he hunts, fishes, or just enjoys camping, chances are that he could benefit from some new gear. Some things you may be hesitant to purchase, but there are a few obvious pieces of equipment that usually need replacing. How is his sleeping bag? Does his tent have holes in it? Maybe he is into golf and would like a new Nike driver? What ever the case may be, the idea here is to replace and upgrade. Get him something that will serve the same purpose and is brand new. This will save you from asking him a thousand questions and giving away your gift idea as well.

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Valentine Candy Hearts - Sweeten Up Your Special Someone!

There's nothing quite like Valentine's Day, that time of year when the winter doldrums are broken up a bit by a special occasion in which you can show your love or appreciation of the people who mean the most to you in your life.

Yes, that's right; Valentine's Day isn't only for lovers! I am sure most of you reading this received some kind of commemoration from a parent or grandparent, or even a friend, on this holiday that is also known for romance. A lot of the time, the best way to show someone that they are special to you is to buy them a sweet treat.

Here's a list of some of the most popular Valentine's Day candies, suitable to any relationship!

Candy Hearts: A Valentine's classic. Made from powdery sugar, these candies are all sweet and best of all, you can choose hearts that come with their own personalized messages!

Romantic Message Heart Lollipops: New this year they include a fabulous assortment of pastel colors and phrases! The assortment includes 6 colors: pastel yellow, lavender, pink, pastel green, peach, and pastel blue. "Messages include "KISS ME", "XO XO", "LOVE", and "HUG ME" with a stain ribbon tied around it. They make the perfect candy heart gift or romantic candy decoration.

Chocolate Marshmallow Hearts: The sweet taste of chocolate combined with the sugar of marshmallows is irresistible, and a heart shaped chocolate stuffed with marshmallow filling is a sweet way to show you care.

Puppy Love Dog Bone Candy Bowl: Huh? Ok, each dog-bone-shaped hard candy sports phrases such as "I Ruff You", "Welcome Home", "Take Me Out", "I Dig U", and more. And they're packed in cute red dog bowls with "To: From:" tags. The perfect gift if you're in the proverbial dog house with someone you love. How can they resist?

Cinnamon Hearts: These little delicacies have been pretty popular for the last couple of decades, but their potency has seemed to increase as well; as a result, you had better make sure that your special someone has a preference for some real spice!

Specialty chocolates: Of course, if you are really looking to set your gift apart from other treats flying around on Valentine's Day, the best thing to focus on is the packaging. There are the classic heart shaped boxes wrapped in velvet, containing your Valentine's perfect treats, be they caramel stuffed chocolates, specialty truffles, or "naughty" liquor filled treats.

In fact, you might want to break out of the mold here a little bit and go ahead and get something a little risqué for someone REALLY special, perhaps to set the mood later in the evening; individually wrapped chocolate liqueurs are great for setting the tone!

Romance, candy, and hearts are at the very base of what today's Valentine's Day is all about. Whether you want to send a message to a good friend, a parent, a child, or your romantic interest, there are different candy types that will perfectly convey your wishes.

If you happen to have a creative bent, you might want to think about the different ways in which you could combine different candy ideas in order to make the perfect Valentine's package; white, pink, red, and even purple candies can combine to make a great Valentine's candy bouquet!

Whatever your choice and whoever you are giving your Valentine's candy to, we hope that this February 14 is a special one for you!

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Making the Most of Your Valentine Day Plans

The season of love is upon us. For anyone who has been struck by Cupid's arrow, the countdown to Valentines Day has begun. A bright spot in an otherwise boring month, Valentines Day is a time to spoil the one you love. If you're not sure how to do this, try the following:

Rent a Limo: Unless you truly maintain a lifestyle of the rich and famous (eat your heart out, Robin Leech), you probably don't travel around in a limo everyday. A Plymouth yes, a limo no. Still, few things are as romantic as a limo and few days are as suitable to rent one than Valentine's Day. Not only does a limo take away the chaos of parking, driving, and figuring out directions, but it allows a couple to take advantage of a spacious and romantic vehicle. Just be sure to ask the chauffer to keep the partition up.

Go somewhere a little too expensive: Eating at an expensive restaurant might not be something you can afford to do everyday. Luckily for you, Valentines only comes once a year. Instead of going to the same old "affordable" places, make Valentines Day one where you splurge. Go to a restaurant that is five star, that has a dress code, or that serves alligator.

Splurge on a good bottle: There's wine, then there's good wine: it doesn't take a wine collector - or a professional drinker - to know the difference. For people who aren't self proclaimed wine snobs, those who drink from time to time but don't mind if the wine comes from a box, a good bottle of wine isn't probably purchased very often. If you purchase one on Valentine Day, however, you might be surprised by its romantic abilities, and its flavor.

Do Something you've been promising: Sure, you make promises to your spouse: you'll take out the garbage, you'll fix the leaky faucet, you'll go to a football game. But, like the old adage says, many promises are made to be broken. Instead of just letting them break, use Valentines Day to keep your word. Clean the house, make dinner, go to the opera, or paint the garage. Surprise your spouse by keeping a promise you made a long time ago.

Remember the staples: So, you've rented a limo and you've made reservations at the hottest restaurant in town, now you just need to get the necessities. That's right, Valentines Day comes with necessities. Even if you've gone all out, keep in mind that sometimes the simplest things mean the most. A dozen roses, a teddy bear, and a box of chocolate can do wonders that no amount of anything else can.

Jennifer Jordan is a senior editor for http://www.milleniumlimo.com. An avid sports fan, she likes the Miami Dolphins but her heart belongs to the Denver Broncos.

Consider These Unique Couples Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

Can you believe it, Valentine's Day is less then one month away. Do not worry though; there is still plenty of time to think of something great to give to the special person in your life. If you need some assistance in thinking of something unique for the love of your life check out the list that follows for some excellent ideas. There are even some wonderful ideas for those that are currently involved in a long distance relationship.

Send an online Valentine: You can make your sweetheart's day by sending them a unique valentine. You can use a service like Google Video or Kodak and send a sentimental photograph or a heartfelt video. A great benefit to this service is that is that it is free so if you are unable to be with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day you will have some money for a nice night out when you can be together.

Name the stars: While you are likely to want to give the love in your life the moon it is not likely to happen so how about a star? All you need to do is visit a star registry website and you will be able to name a star in tribute to your beloved. Your other half is likely to be blown away by this out of this world valentine.

A more personal spin to Valentine candy: If your sweetheart is nuts over chocolate but you would like to get them something other then the usual heart shaped box of chocolates then consider personalized M&M's. You will be able to choose just the color or colors that you prefer and you can put your very own sweet and romantic messages on them.

A unique coupon book: If you do not have a ton of cash to spend this Valentine's Day make the special person in your life a coupon book. The coupons that you make can be for a fun night out or for doing a chore that they do not care for doing for example. On each coupon you make you could write a romantic quote or personal love note to make them even more special.

A basket for your sweetheart: You could put together a special Valentine's Day gift basket for your sweetheart. You could fill it with and assortment of their favorite coffees and cookies, some of their favorite bath and body products or some popcorn and movies as a suggestion of spending a romantic night in watching movies. The possibilities are really endless with this gift option.

If you are not looking for something especially different to give to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day here are some traditional gifts that they are sure to love!

- A bouquet of fresh flowers
- A romantic night out on the town
- A box of heart shaped chocolates
- Some pretty scented candles
- Tickets to a sporting event
- A gift certificate for a day of pampering at a local spa
- Pretty jewelry
- A bottle of a favorite perfume or cologne

Something to remember for Valentine's Day.

It does not about how much money you spend on your valentine it is all about the thought that goes into the gift.

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Unique Valentine Gifts - Best Way To Express Your Love

Valentine's day is a very precious occasion for the lovers. They plan in advance as what to gift to their beloved ones. Every lover dreams to present their dear ones with unique valentine gifts. Valentine gifts come in various size and shape. The size of the gift does not matter a lot to the lovers. The love and care that one feels for one another is what matters them a lot. The lovers usually select his gift keeping in mind the choice of his beloved ones. Usually, they share gifts in various occasions but valentine day is something very special and so the gift also requires to be unique. Valentine day gift means a lot to the lovers and they preserve this unique gift forever and ever.

Valentine's day is celebrated on the 14th of February. It is celebrated with much gaiety in every corner of the world. The environment becomes very romantic during those days. The shops and restaurants are decorated with flowers, lights, candles and with many things. It looks like a festive season. Varieties gift items are displayed in the shops. The gifts are basically of heart shaped. Fresh flowers, romantic dinner, candy, scented candles, jewelry, perfume are some of the unique valentine gifts, which the lovers usually prefer to present to their sweet heart. Definition of love and definition of gift varies from lovers to lovers. Some choose small but beautiful gift item for his darling, while others choose big and expensive gift items. Unique valentine gifts are a sacred possession for the lovers. They are very much dear to them and they always keep them close to their heart.

Valentine's day is very special for the lovers. They exchange unique valentine gifts between each other. Friends also share gifts on this particular occasion. Valentine gift is a way of expressing love to your beloved ones. Lovers usually spend the whole day with each other. If unfortunately, your beloved one happens to stay far away from you, then the best valentine day gifts will be the gift baskets. An expensive dinner can also be a good valentine gift. If your woman likes to eat a lot, then take her to a candle night dinner in a big and beautiful hotel. Every one wants to make this day a memorable one.

Unique valentine gifts may also work as a miracle. Those who do not have the guts to propose his love can take the help of a beautiful gift to express his feeling. On this particular occasion, the price of everything touches sky high. It is a great day for the shopkeepers; they earn a lot on this occasion. They display various things in their shop to lure the customers. Lovers usually buy things keeping in mind the taste of his sweet heart. If you are confused as what to purchase for your beloved one, then you can also discuss with your friends or search on the internet. But, the wise thing is to purchase a valentine gift according to your wish because you are the one who knows the choice of your woman very well. You can win the heart of your beloved one with a beautiful valentine day gift.

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