Top 5 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Boyfriend - Let Him Know That You Care For Him

It's hard to meet someone that you really love and get along with. Some believe in unconditional love in which both love birds shown different ways to express their affection towards one another. When it's near Valentine's Day, most women find that it's hard to find out what their male sweethearts really want. Basically, most men are not very particular on gifts and it's important to find one that really makes him feel special as a lovely way of expressing your gratitude for having such a wonderful boyfriend.

Some men treat Valentine's Day like any ordinary day, however. It's like seeing them lack of adrenaline in which means that they are not very keen in celebrating this special day with their lover. In that case, gifts like boxers, socks, greeting cards and ties really put them in total boredom. Therefore, you need to consider these unique gifts for your boyfriend as follows:

Mp3 Sunglasses 2GB Capacity1. Sunglasses MP3
Guys look elegant, hot and smarter when they wear sunglasses like those actors in Hollywood movies. Whatever reasons that makes your boyfriend waits; at least he has something to accompany him - his favorite music which he can listen while wearing his cool-looking sunglasses.

2. Heart Rate Monitor
If he likes running and exercising, or he's a gym enthusiast; getting him a heart rate monitor is appropriate because it allows him to improve his stamina as well as track his workout progress. Most professional personal trainers advocate the use of the heart rate monitors among their clients as this tool able to measure heart beat rate at their convenience.

3. DVD movie
This gift is meant for your boyfriend if he's a movie buff. You don't simply choose a movie without asking his opinion. Therefore, you can take him to a DVD store and ask him to pick a movie that he likes most. Then, you can spend some quality time with him watching his favorite movie either at your or his place.

4. Snuggie

If you want him to have something cute for this special day, you can buy him a snuggie in his favorite color and he will snuggle up with it every night with nothing but you in mind. This would lead to the next gift.

Sex Scratchers: 100 Sexy Lottery Tickets to Scratch and Win!5. Sex scratchers
If you're feeling a little naughty and you want to bring him some excitement, then you could gift him with sex scratchers. They are simply scratch cards like lotteries and coupons that reward him with little kinky favors, games, dares and perky challenges that can be a favorable plus for not only him but yourself too.

Find the Best Valentines Gifts For a Husband With These Present Ideas For Husbands

If you've been married to your husband for too long a time and you want a little spark to fire up your relationship to what it was before, then maybe the Valentine's Day is the perfect day to do so. Of course, with all the planning for the big day, a Valentine's gift for husband should not be forgotten.

For some ideas on what to give to your loving husband, take a look at the list below and feel free to add to it once you're inspired to do something out of ordinary.

Wii• Kid's choice - indulge the kid in him by giving him something that will let out his youthful energy. For the cool, techie dad, a Wii console -of course add in some games for him to play - is a fun Valentine's present for husband. For old school dads, up-to-date board games will be as cool. He'll be able to release that liveliness in those games, and, who knows, you, too, might benefit from it in bed.

Rich Textured Gold Metal Cufflinks with Presentation Box• Fancy pants - perhaps you've seen too much of each other being too frumpy at home with disheveled hair and stained shirts. Maybe it's time to dress up for each other and go to the posh hotel for some dinner and dancing. Give him something fancy he can wear, like a pair of golden cuff-links, or even a new tuxedo that doesn't smell like moth balls. You'll see each other in a new light and remember why you fell in love with him in the first place.

Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike• Time out - appreciate and acknowledge his interest in sports by giving him something related to that sports. For some Valentine's gifts for husband, give him a new tennis racket to replace the worn out one he always plays with, or give hi a new foldable bike he can take with him anywhere in the world. These Valentine's presents for husband say you care enough about him to be interested in what he's interested. Get his adrenaline going with some sports, and you'll also benefit from that adrenaline rush under the covers.

Tech-happy - fathers are usually the last to know all about the recent gadgets he can enjoy, once he gets to know what those are, that is. Be the one to update him by gifting some gadgets as Valentine's gift for husband. Get him a Blu-ray DVD player - along with some DVD's of course - to let him enjoy the latest movies. Or get him that all-for-one remote control that makes him king of the living room, with the TV and the stereo system as his loyal subjects.

A&E Top 10: Romantic Getaways• Getaway - for the ultimate Valentine's present for husband, why not plan a second honeymoon that is so long overdue? Take the weekend off without the kids - their grandma would be so happy to have them - and spend those days alone together rekindling the passion. Even a simple bed and breakfast will do wonders during the Valentine week. You'll come home with a greater appreciation of each other, and you'll love each other as never before.

Trying to find valentines presents for husband online? You can definitely find them! Discover great valentines gifts for husband with our interesting and unusual gifts. For more information on gift giving guide and how to choose the perfect valentines present for husband, go to =>

Top Valentines Gifts For Men and Women

Men, although different from women, still like a lot of the same things on Valentine's Day: some personalization, relaxation, indulgence and some good lovin!

Here are the Top Gifts for Men this Valentine's Day.


-Customize Your Own Nikes: For $100 your man can design and order the sneakers of his dreams!
-Personalized Photo Puzzle: Whether you opt for a traditional puzzle or Rubik's cube version, this unique gift is sure to make him smile.


-Massage Package for Him: This home massage kit will allow all of his troubles to melt away.
-Luxury Bathrobes and Slipper Sets: After a steamy shower, he can slip into the comfort of his new bathrobe and slippers, compliments of you.


-A Hundred Roses Bouquet: Hey men like getting flowers too, although most have a hard time admitting it!
-Tower of Treats -These towers often come filled with three to four boxes brimming with chocolates and other delicious sweet treats.
-Hot Air Balloon Rides: What could be more romantic than sailing sky high over with tranquil scenery below:

Some Good Lovin'

-Lovopoly: How about a nice game of Lovopoly to get you going:
-Pantygram: Looking to be a little racier this year: A panty-gram is more than enough to fulfill that prophesy.
-Weekend of Love Kits: Filled with everything you could ever need to have a weekend full of love!

Women love personalization, relaxation, indulgence and some good lovin' but in a more romantic way that really makes them feel like they are your special someone, your one and only.

Here are some of the top gifts for women this Valentine's Day.


-Personalized Jewelry: Whether you get her name engraved or just get her favorite birthstone, make sure it's more than personal to her; something she'll cherish forever.
-I: Heart: You Tees: You can put your own love message on a variety of tees so that she can literally, wear her heart on her sleeve.
-My M&M's Bud Vase: This yummy product by Orrefors involves a personalized crystal vase that she can use again and again after she has eaten all of the custom printed M&Ms inside.


-Special Bath Gift Sets: Get her a gift set that is filled with relaxing fragrances, oils and lotions so that she can soak her troubles away.
-Candelabra: Nothing is more soothing, or romantic, than candle light dancing off of the walls, setting both of your faces a glow.


-Dipped Strawberries: Strawberry is something that fits into her most recent health kick but can she resist a little naughty chocolate on the side:
-Fun Fortune Cookies: Crack these cookies open to reveal a sweet hidden Valentine message.
-Concert Tickets: Take her to her favorite concert this year: even it's the Dixie Chicks or Josh Grobin.

Some Good Lovin'

-A Sexy Chemise: She'll feel super sexy in a slimming little black or red chemise and you'll also reap the benefits of this one!
-Weekend of Love Kits: This kit could do your woman some good too!

Whatever precious Valentine's day gift you are planning to buy for him/her, it is good that you enjoy yourself when shopping for it, don't forget to look around for some really attractive deals and good online stores plus reap the benefits of coupons and try to find something unusual.

Tony, is an associated author with the website CouponAlbum. You can find coupons and promotional codes for online discount shopping.

Shopping Tips For Valentine's Day

Don`t wait until last minute to pick out Valentine`s Day gifts for those that you truly love. Here are some shopping tips to get you up and out the door to pick gifts that will have everyone saying `I love you` right back.

1. Go early!... so that you don`t get stuck choosing bottom of the barrel gifts. The last thing you want is to get him slippers for the third year in a row or her a box of truffles again.

2. Go big!... Don`t just go to the local pharmacy to pick up a few quick candies and small gifts. Some excellent gift options for Valentine`s day is Flowers, candies, scented candles, box of heart shaped chocolates, favorite perfume or cologne. Your added effort in making it to the mall will certainly shine through in the gifts that you pick.

3. Go everywhere!... Don`t just opt for customary stores like jewelers or candy stores. Search high and low. Book stores often stock up on romantic novels or sweet kids picks. You may be surprised at what stores are showing the love if you actually take the time to look.

4. Go unconventional!... Sure it is very nice to get chocolates and flowers on Valentine`s Day but it is also very expected. You can find inexpensive Valentines packages by shopping around as a lot of good online stores such as Personal creations, Things Remembered, Just Flowers, Hallmark and more offers a great variety of valentine`s gifts and provide good online savings with use of coupons. Go there, to the unexpected place, and get a gift that is equal parts romantic and surprising.

The bottomline is that, although it is okay to go a more traditional route, try to still think outside of the box. Get a gift that is personal and meaningful and your partner will be all the more grateful of what you have together this Valentine`s Day.

Tony, is an associated author with the website CouponAlbum ( Find coupons and coupon codes for online discount shopping at 2500+ name brand merchants.

Romantic Things to Do For Valentines Day

Romance And Love

Every year on February 14th that special holiday just for Lovers is celebrated. We are talking of course about Valentines Day.

Starting in January we are bombarded with ads on television, radio and in print about getting the perfect, most romantic gift. But just what is the right gift?

Is it the biggest bouquet of flowers, the largest box of chocolates or the most expensive candlelit dinner? How about a piece of shiny jewelry?

All of these things are okay, they're just not very romantic. Anyone can go to the nearest jeweler or flower shop, whip out the credit card and spend the amount they think is needed to impress their lover.

There are even lists that actually suggest giving gift certificates. It doesn't matter if the certificate is for a spa, jewelry or sexy lingerie, a gift certificate basically says, this is how much you are worth to me.

Don't get me wrong, those things can be part of the Valentines Day experience, they just shouldn't be your entire focus.

To make Valentines Day truly memorable you need to allow your inner romantic to express itself. To do this you need to try a different tact, you need to spend a little more time finding the best ways to express your love to that most significant person in your life.

The Valentines Day Test

Start by considering Valentines Day as a test. Not a test where you sit down and mark answers on a sheet of paper, but rather a test of how well you actually know your Lover.

Prep for your test by truly listening to and observing your Lover. Watch what he or she looks at in stores. Look for the pauses as they find something in the paper or a magazine that catches their eye. Think about your relationship. Is there something that you used to do together when you were first dating that has gradually given way to the daily demands of home and work?

When you plan for Valentines Day consider that the single most precious gift that you can give your lover is a gift of time. Time with you, special time for themselves, be creative.

Also consider the day as a series of gifts, not just one here are the flowers and chocolates, now lets go to dinner. A series of small gifts or surprises that lead to something truly special will make this Valentines Day the most memorable ever.

So here are a few ideas.

  • Start the day by giving a single red rose and a short love note when they wake. The note doesn't have to be poetic or perfect prose, it just needs to be sincere.
  • If they are the one that always cooks breakfast, you do it. Place a small love coupon next to the plate that gives your lover the gift of your time for whatever they may want.
  • Borrow their car and thoroughly clean it inside and out. Don't tell them what you are going to do or what you have done, just do it and allow them to discover it on their own.
  • Plan a special activity that includes just the two of you. It doesn't matter if it's rock climbing, swimming at the beach, dancing, hiking or a bike ride. The idea is that it be an activity that you both will enjoy all the more because you are doing it together.
  • If there is something that your Valentine has been trying to get you to do or try, now would be a fantastic time to do it, with them. Have they been trying to get you to exercise, go for a walk, take a dance lesson, go to a special movie, go rollerskating or whatever.

The basic idea is that whatever you do doesn't have to be super romantic. The romance will come from the fact that you have truly listened and responded to the one you love.

Then take them out to dinner and dancing, give them the flowers and chocolates and buy them some nice jewelry. After all, they are the love of your life!

Make your loved one smile with satisfaction every time that they think about this Valentines Day. Bob Current is the author of Check it out for even more ideas.

5 Budget Gift Ideas For A Memorable Valentine's

Many people love to say that Valentine's Day is becoming too commercial, and claim that it is just another way for card and gift shops to make money. Personally, I feel it is lovely to have just one day out of 365 where people in love are reminded to celebrate one another and the special relationship they have. After all, I think it can get to the point where we begin to take each other for granted.

There are so many little things that can make someone's Valentine's Day. You don't have to spend a fortune on Valentines gifts, even if you have the money. It's more about the token of love and the thought that has gone into it, that makes a gift truly appreciated. The fact you can do so much, even if you have no money is what's so beautiful about Valentine's Day.

So here are a few gift ideas to inspire you to make Valentine's Day a special one.

Making an effort

For starters, the simple idea of a Valentine's Day card is always guaranteed to bring a smile to your partners face on Valentine's Day morning. It needn't be big or flashy, it doesn't even have to be shop bought. What can make a token of affection into something truly special is making it unique. Why not make the card yourself? Just some coloured card, a pen and a little imagination is all it takes. It could be as simple as a drawing of a heart with both your name inside, or maybe glueing a favourite picture of the two of you onto it, which can then be framed for posterity.

If you find you don't have time to make your own card, why not try and compose a little poem or message during your commute to work, or during lunch, which you can write inside your shop bought one. The gift idea is the same - it just needs a little thought and effort.

Cook a romantic meal for 2

Can't afford a meal out in a fancy restaurant? Then why not treat your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife to a night off and cook a meal for them instead? It can be just as romantic as a restaurant meal - if not more so. Think of your partners favourite foods and drink and spend a few hours preparing a delicious meal. Think delicious, sexy food such as oysters or scallops for starters, a creamy pasta dish for main and chocolate or strawberries for pudding. Top it off with a bottle of bubbly, flowers on the table and a lit candle in a bottle and bob's your uncle. Even if the meal doesn't come out perfect, the fact you put so much thought into the gesture will make all the difference. It's an ideal way to celebrate if you cannot get a babysitter either.

Enjoy a night in and be pampered

This year, Valentine's Day happens to be on a Thursday - a very unromantic weekday. Many people will be at work during the day and it can be hard to find time for one another. With our busy lifestyle, it can be hard to get a chance to spend quality time together, just the two of you. So instead of thinking about making a day of it, how about making a night of it? Get prepared to enjoy a magical Valentine's night together. After a hard day at work, what better than a luxurious soak in a hot bubble bath? Light a few candles or get some floating spa lights, some soft music to relax too and help get you in the mood for a nice bathe together. Massage each others aching spots with some perfumed oil, whisper sweet nothings to one another and enjoy your time together.

I.O.U. tokens

A simple but effective idea that works a treat and costs you nothing at all. Simply write an I.O.U on a piece of paper or card offering to do something for your partner at anytime. It could be as romantic, sexy or simple as you like. Some examples are: I.O.U 1 massage, I.O.U the next choice what we watch on TV or I.O.U a washing up session. Alternatively you could suggest a night out for example I.O.U a visit to the cinema. This something cheap and cheerful, but it'll take you back to the days when you first started dating and holding hands. The only limitation with this Valentine gift idea is your imagination!

Games for two

Spending time together is crucial to your relationship together, and that is why I think Valentine's Day is an opportunity to bring couples closer together. How often do we get to spend time and do little things like play games or spend 2 hours exploring each others bodies and indulging in our pleasure zones. You can make up your own game, massage one another or get an adult game such as Nookii which costs under £25. The great thing is this game doesn't just last for the night, but for a lifetime, as you can use it over and over again. These games can be as fun, adventurous or sensuous as you wish. The key thing is to both enjoy it.

Hopefully these gift ideas have inspired everyone to have a fabulous Valentine's Day this year and in years to come.

Kim Clarke writes for GiftChooser which recommends Gifts and Gift ideas for any occasion and all budgets. Read more about gifts and presents online at

Valentine Presents For Men

Want to have sweet romantic success with your guy this Valentine's? Gals you can shoot Cupid's arrow straight through the heart of your man with these 5 heart melting Valentine Presents For Men ideas.

One thing that separates couples with 'out of this world' relationships, is they never stop doing new, fun and exciting things with their partner. In other words, they never stop doing those things that make them laugh and smile at each other and neither should you.

Spend this Valentine's Day doing fun things. Believe me when I say that NOTHING can rekindle the excitement in your relationship more than going on a fun and creative Valentine date together.

All of the following 5 "Valentine Presents For Men" ideas can be combined with a creative Valentine's date.

1. Buy two stuffed animals, one reflecting your personality and the other reflecting your love's personality. Dress them with telltale accessories that leave no doubt that they are you and your man. Attach a note on one that says, You're my...roaring lion... handsome hippo...gentle lamb...devoted puppy, frog disguised as a prince, and on the other, I'm your...pussycat, tiger, tootie muffin, cuddle bunny or whatever your nick name is.

2. Make a box-within-a-box package. Wrap a small item and place it in a larger box with an item that isn't wrapped. Wrap that box and place it in yet a larger box with another unwrapped item. Do this until you have one large box wrapped with loving messages written all over it.

3. Buy tickets to the movies or sports event and put the "prize? in a box of Cracker Jacks.

4. Make a CD of love songs and put it inside a clear plastic case. Design a cover and list each song and a little write-up on how it relates to your feelings or the memories of being together.

5. Wrap little gifts and hide them all over the house. Write up "hint" sheets for their locations. Play Scavenger Hunt and watch your guy delight in solving the clues and finding special treats.

Lanie Dills is the creator of Valentine Presents For Men. If you enjoyed these 5 Valentine Presents For Men ideas, why not get 5 more, including one that will make him love you forever. Grab this hot new idea right now: Valentine Presents For Men

Unique Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Jewelry is a traditional Valentine's gift, but why not push the envelope and get her some unique jewelry? It will show her your love and set her apart in the crowd. She will love any jewelry gift you get her, but it makes it a bit more fun to get something different.

What do we mean by unique jewelry? What we don't mean is jewelry that she never wears - if she doesn't wear it she may not like it! Unique jewelry is either a stone she has never worn, designs that are a little unusual, personalized jewelry or jewelry from a different culture.

When buying unique jewelry there are a number of things to bear in mind. First, and most important, make sure she will like it. If you don't know her tastes well enough then get something a little bit different; if you know her very well then go all out - she will at least enjoy the fact you tried to do something different and will appreciate the thought at least. Also, you may have to pay a little more for truly unusual jewelry but you should be able to get something reasonable online. The other thing to bear in mind is that if she really likes it she may want to get matching pieces, so make a note of what the store has in terms of similar designs or sets.

It may be worth thinking about getting a number of pieces, instead of just one. She is more likely to like at least one piece in that case, and it's nice to get a set.

Having something unique to wear will make her stand out and it's something she can show off to her friends. It also demonstrates to the world your love for each other and makes you both feel good about your relationship.

So bite the bullet and get her something different today!

Tony Connor is the owner of with gift suggestions for everyone. For some unique jewelry pieces at great prices go to

Top Ten Romance Movies For Valentine's Day

Here are some great suggestions for movies to watch when you are cuddling on the couch on Valentine's day.

Valentine's Day will be here soon. In addition to the roses, candy and dinner, you need some warm fuzzy movies to watch as you snuggle up with your honey. Good love stories provide comedy, romance and in many cases - a good cry at the expense of someone else's relationship.These classic movies provide superb story content without a lot of the distractions of dazzling technology that we get now in movies.

Have a great date night relaxing, as you enjoy the quality time you spend with your loved one watching these beloved Top Ten Tales of Amour:

10. On Golden Pond - To witness love transcend decades is a glorious sight. Whether we see it within our own families or in film as here, it holds promise for our own relationships. Not just relationships with our spouses, but also with our children. Two powerhouses of cinema, Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda, gave us grace, humor and reason to believe in lifelong love. Watching the love and admiration between Fonda and his daughter Jane provides further credence to this great and wonderful love story.

9. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing - Determination to be with the one you love: the basic love story theme abounds here, spun in a mesmerizing way between two great actors. Jennifer Jones adorns the screen in anything she plays, but watching her with William Holden is spellbinding. Crossing racial barriers and adultery, this story finds you wanting this couple to overcome it all to be together. I watched it recently and actually wept hard, just as I had before when I'd first seen it. Highly recommended. It's a fine cuddle-up and tissue movie.

8. Pillow Talk - A terrific love story does not have to make you cry. This flick with Rock Hudson and Doris Day is the classic screwball comedy full of mistaken identity, love and absolute hilarity. Swell soundtrack, especially the little ditty that reigns throughout the film in various versions! Also featuring Tony Randall and Thelma Ritter.

7. The Shop Around the Corner - James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. This was the inspiration for "You've Got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. That was good, but regarding that, as in many cases, nothing's better than the original. No internet here, just good ol' fashioned letter-writing and pen-pal life in a quaint little town in Budapest at Christmas. You'll cry in your hot cocoa.

6. The Philadelphia Story - Stellar comedy that put Katharine Hepburn back at the top after an early stall in her career. Impossible to see how it wouldn't have. This mini-soap opera tells the intertwining story of one of Philly's most affluent families and the tabloid-filled lives they lead. Splendid dialogue and an abundance of delightful chemistry throughout the cast provide "a most beholden" piece of entertainment. With Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart (his Oscar win) and Ruth Hussey.

5. Love In The Afternoon - May-December romance takes the stage here along with fast-living, mischief and mistaken identities. Even a case of deception can't keep Gary Cooper from falling in love with the young and beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Captivating music also helps to spin this engaging tale. The train station scene of this film presents a classic moment that many other romantic movies have attempted to duplicate. There has been no other to reach the emotion that this movie evokes.

4. It Happened One Night - What do you get with an heiress running away from an engagement and a hungry reporter trying to capture the story of the year? One of the best romantic comedies to ever hit the screen. Filled with risque, albeit now classic, moments for the 30s, this film warms the heart as you laugh. Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert were quite a pair.

3. Casablanca - Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. This is the story that has it all for everyone. War, intrigue, suspense, gambling, song, romance and, of course, Paris.

2. The Bridges of Madison County - Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. I didn't think the movie would make me cry as much as the book, but boy does it. It's a love she has to keep in her heart for the rest of her life, but as she delivers the legacy of this love to her children after her death, it makes understanding its' power much easier - somehow.

1. Wuthering Heights - Sir Lawrence Olivier and Merle Oberon. The story of Heathcliff, Cathy and the wind of the Moors. Classic story of the burdened heart and, literally, undying love. The supreme tear-jerker. I still recall many years ago in college when some of my classmates and I went to an old movie house in town featuring this film. After the lights were turned on at the end of the movie, just about all of us in the audience continued to sniffle. (We laughed in embarrassment, too.) It is lovely and perfect for a snuggle on Valentine's Day. It will give you the gratitude of knowing love in your life - always.

The original list of my top choices I had compiled was very long, but I want to also give mention to just a few more for you to consider:

Desk Set - The lovely chemistry of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy throughout the movie, especially in the library loft, gives me chills everytime I see it. They couldn't have hidden it even if they'd tried.

Brief Encounter - Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. Considered the love story of all love stories. There's obviously something that pulls at the heartstrings watching stories of unrequited love or, in this case, watching love bloom between the already spoken-for. Penned by Noel Coward and moving along the glorious soundtrack of Rachmaninoff, there's no way to stay tear-free at the end of this movie.

Legends of the Fall - Brad Pitt, the west, the war and unrequited love. Grab at least two boxes of tissues.

When Harry Met Sally - one of my all-time favorites... Women and Men can be friends. However, these two were just destined for love,period.

Gone With The Wind - my top movie... but at four hours, I thought it a bit long to mention in the top 10. Don't miss it though... romance, war, passion, Scarlett and Rhett...

Titanic - Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It's quite long also, but it's the quintessential romantic tragedy. We all know the story, but no other film version grasped the romance and desperation as this. Coupled with Celine Dion's crescendo in the theme song and the unending story that goes on (pardon me) through the necklace, you'll still cry about it the next day when the song pops on the radio. It always has airplay at this time of year!

You can find these great movies at fye!

Be sure to order now in time for your Valentine's Day celebration or anytime you want to spend a glorious date night with your sweetheart!

Tonya Rice is an avid classic movie fan, especially of romantic comedies and westerns. She's a Wellness Consultant, who runs Best In Health Now ( which promotes better health and wellness. She is the author of Breaking the Weight Loss Code, available at her website. Sign up now for the Free 5-day Wellness Course with newsletter subscription at

Unique Valentine's Ideas

Store bought cards, roses, a box of chocolates, and dinners. Sound familiar? That's because it probably is. Come Valentine's Day, you already know what you're going to get or give, same old, same old year after year. What happened to the sweet surprises they used to give in the first stages of your relationship you ask? It's on the back burner, most of us are in our comfort zones, and those with kids just have a harder time to incorporate romance back into their lives. Let's face it, who doesn't like a little romance or creativity? Whether it's just a night for the two of you, or maybe a nice Valentine family gathering, you don't need to be rich to have some quality time together. I'm going to help you get that back.

Spice up the love in the kitchen! This can work either for a couple or as a family, and it doesn't have to be dinner you can work around what best fits your schedule. I prefer it as a couple. If you have kids, plan for a relative or caregiver to take care of them in order to enjoy your time together. Think of each other's favourite food, or maybe a sentimental dish the two of you had together such as what you ate on your first date. Instead of going out for dinner, or take-in, make dinner together. Have a few glasses of wine turn on the stove and start sizzlin'! Nothing beats a home cooked meal, especially if it has been cooked with love. After dinner, share dessert and tidy up. When was the last time you did the dishes together? One washes, one dries. Have fun with it and just enjoy each other's company. Plus, you're getting a lot done for having a romantic night together. Spend the rest of the night alone. Cuddle up and watch an old movie, play board games, or just sit and talk and appreciate being one. This allows you to catch up, and help you remember why the two of you are together. Being at home saves money, and who doesn't like to save?! The important thing is you spent it with each other, just remember, no talk of the kids concentrate on yourselves.

Kids need some time too! Planning activities for the little muchkins is fun and simple. Most importantly, your kids will love being able to do valentines with mommy and daddy instead of just "mommy and daddy". Start the day by giving everyone in the family one shape of either a lip or heart, that way everyone starts with something. Lips represent kisses, and hearts represent hugs. Create a chart and assign one row or column to each member of the family. Each time someone in the family says 'I love you' to someone else (sincerely) that will earn them one lip. Any other sincere gestures are worth a heart. For example, your eldest child has helped his/her little sibling by putting on their socks and shoes. Keep track of everything by placing the corresponding shape with the person's name. Whilst playing this game, plan for some cupcake or cookie baking together. Baking is a great way for kids to interact. This also gives the family the opportunity to catch up with one another and just talk. Allow them to crack the eggs, stir, or pour the batter into the pans. Whatever your child can handle according to age. Let them do all the decorating, that's the fun part! During the baking, have everyone do crafts. Put everyone's name in a hat/bowl, and let everyone pick a name. Whoever's name they chose is whom they have to make a Valentines card for! Get creative! Construction paper, glitter, ribbons, buttons, cars, ties, anything is possible. At the end of the day, total up the scores. However many lips and hearts each person earned is the amount of hugs and kisses they get from everyone! Follow this by having the goodies that were baked, and exchange cards!

This is another one for the hopeless romantic; plan for the kids to be away and make sure your spouse is gone too. This is a great Valentines surprise and especially after a long day of work, you'll score big points! Set candles everywhere to set the mood.

Prepare the bath with chamomile and lavender scented bubbles, as this is very relaxing. Throw in a few rose petals to top it off. Have some wine ready, shavers, and shaving cream! When your loved one arrives, they'll come home to a nice relaxing environment. Have a bite to eat then enjoy the warm bath, and you do the shaving for one another. Shave or wax her legs, and shave his moustache. Shaving each other is a kind of trust activity. Let the rest of the night go with the flow!

Don't think that I've forgotten about the lonesome. Valentines isn't always about being with someone special. This time of the year gives you more of a reason to celebrate. Ladies, call up some girlfriends who are in the same boat and treat yourselves to a day at the spa. After, have some margaritas at your house with desserts and karaoke! Guys do the same thing, invite the boys' over, and have a few beers. Watch the game or play poker. Don't want company? Any of what I've just mentioned is do-able alone too.

There you have it, no more store bought cards, chocolate, and restaurant dinners. Don't let this stop you here though. Be unique and think up some more ideas for any special day! Although, I hope that these ideas have given you more options as to what to do come Valentines Day.

I'll accept your thank-you now for later. Have Fun!

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